Finding Digger #FindDigger

Digger is a German Shepherd / Beagle mix.  

Born March 13th, 2011, he is brown & black, with areas of tan on his underside.

We always joked with our other two dogs, "Digger is our favorite" because he's incredibly sweet, very well behaved, put up with the kids poking at him, pulling his tail, sitting on him, and he loves attention.  

When our children were born, he always watched over them...and howled every time our now 9-year old daughter Eden would cry.

Digger loves people, loves attention, and the beagle in him keeps him from ever being done eating.  He's also the night watchman, barking during the night at movement, barking at the door when someone came to it, and sometimes barking for no apparent reason. 

Digger DOES HAVE A MICROCHIP.  Encourage your vets to scan dogs that come in without shot records.  The chip is "locked" as a lost dog's #, so no edits can be made to it.

Digger was NOT wearing a collar.  The boarding facility (Baxter & Beasley in Palatine) who lost him had a policy of removing it upon check-in.