Finding Digger #FindDigger

As a part of the process of searching for Digger, we kept a log of every voice mail, and text message and email pertaining to potential sightings of him through about the end of October.  As the voice mails slowed, the pictures really started coming in.  

Below on the left is a list of voice mails from mid August through October 24th.  On the right is a collection of just some of the pictures we've received of dogs resembling Digger.  There are literally hundreds more pictures, text messages, Facebook messages and emails that we've received that are too many to list.

Digger went missing on August 5th from a boarding facility in Palatine called Baxter & Beasley, located at 313 W Colfax Avenue...near Smith.  The last "confirmed" sighting was in that area on the day he escaped.

There have been no pictures or absolutely confirmed sightings of him since that day.

81 pictures (out of hundreds) sent of potential sightings:


A collection of voice messages of potential sightings (FROM JUST THE FIRST 2 1/2 MONTHS OF THE SEARCH):

12:24pm & 12:18pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
(2) Ruth  - 284 N Ashland Avenue.  I think I found the dog.  I put him in a dog safe backyard.  He can’t stay there long.  If you can get back to me or go to the house across the yard and see if it’s him...because he can’t stay there long.  
(1) Digger might be by my house.  He’s being very friendly to me.  If I don’t hear from you within an hour I’m going to release him or call the police.  I CALLED THE POLICE - CONFIRMED AS NOT DIGGER.

4:28pm - 847-XXX-XXXX

I don’t want to give you any false hopes.  Driving along Hicks Road...trotting on his own along the bike path.  Now I don’t see him.  Dog walking on his own, he was brown, couldn’t see his face.  Right now it’s 4:24pm.  He was running down Hicks towards Dundee...across from the gas station.  Looked thin.  


6:50pm - 847-XXX-XXXX

Saw your sign about a lost dog.  We have a stray in our neighborhood tonight in Arlington Heights.  Dog has a red collar.  Sigwalt & Kaspar.  (quickly afterwards, another message that the mystery was solved...neighbors were dog sitting, and the guest dog got out.  Quickly recovered)


7:46pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Sandy - might have a lead on your dog.  Saw him posted on Facebook.  Dog was “relinquished”.  He’s at a shelter in McHenry.  Someone dropped him off there.  CONFIRMED AS NOT DIGGER.

4:53pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Jane - just out in the Streamwood area.  Passing through people, saw them with a dog.  To me it looked like Digger.  He was with 3 people on a street corner asking for money.  Felt strange getting out and taking a picture of him...since I didn’t have a picture with me.  Still out on the road.  I called the Streamwood police, who said they would go check it out.  They never got back.  900 Harrington Road (she meant Barrington).  By the Walmart in Streamwood.

11:21am - 847-XXX-XXXX

Chris - been communicating with you.  Woman walking a dog, don’t remember seeing this dog.  Lady has been walking him for the past week.  Intersection of Palatine Road, right by Rose Street.  South side of Palatine Road, the lady goes in and out - 3 to 4 houses west of Rose on Palatine Road, south side.  The last couple times I saw her going out at night.  Can’t quite tell which house.  Looks a lot like Digger.  Haven’t been able to get a photo.  Usually I see them from my car.  Kinda hard to get a photo.  Palatine & Rose...within 4 houses west of Rose Street.

6:25pm - 414-XXX-XXXX

I found your dog. (Rest of message garbled...we've called, talked to this child's mother who has no idea what dog her child was referring to.  Very strange...) 

4:21pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Jeff - owns Doggie Playhouse in Palatine.  Woman came in, saying that at noon this afternoon, on Rand in Deer Park, there was 10 cars parked in the middle of Rand Road chasing a dog (near Bed Bath & Beyond).  She said it was Digger.  She looked at the picture, goes “Jeff, I swear to you it was that dog.”  She had treats out, but he just wouldn’t come to us.  She got very close to him.  She really believes it was him.  It’s too bad it was 4 hours previously.  A bunch of people were chasing him.  847-XXX-XXXX is mobile.

2:10pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Michele - 10 minutes ago I was at Quentin and Long Grove Road.  I believe I saw Digger there.  He was running on Quentin, then took off on Long Grove Road towards Lake Zurich.  

1:30pm - 815-XXX-XXXX
Ray.  Feel bad about your dog.  Praying for you and your family.  I'm with the Palatine Park District - we're looking for Digger ourselves...have found lots of dogs over the years.  We just ask that you don’t put the posters on painted shelters & surfaces.  Team spent a ton of time removing the worn signs.  Took 40 minutes just to do a couple.  The tape had really stuck on, and it took the paint off.

9:45am - 847-XXX-XXXX
My name Dana - I run North Chicago Animal Control.  Got a dog in here a couple days ago.  One of the volunteers thought he looked a lot like Digger.  I’m going to text you a couple of pictures.  The dog belongs to a couple of people.  Long story.  Call me back at this number.  (CONFIRMED AS NOT DIGGER)

3:08pm - 847-XXX-XXXX

Just calling to get some information.  Saw your billboard.  Had an hour before I had to drop my son off...wanted to get some information in case I could help you and search while I had some available time now.  

1:42pm - 630-XXX-XXXX

I think you just said “he” in your voice mail.  An identical dog was found in Rockford, but it’s a she.  Her name is Maraya.  Check it out, but it’s a female.  I used to volunteer there.  I’ve posted all over the area.  I’m gonna have to call back with the number.  (CONFIRMED AS NOT DIGGER)

11:05pm - 847-XXX-XXXX

Sent you a message.  Heard a dog in my backyard that I hadn’t heard before.  This time it’s really close.  Off of Abortsford Drive in Inverness.  I put a bowl of dog food out there just in case.  I can describe the bark.  It didn’t sound like the bark was distressed.  Nobody has a dog around us.

2:40pm - 618-XXX-XXXX

Whitney - From Chicago, but driving through Kankankee.  94.1 had a guy call in saying a dog showed up on his porch last night.  I called and asked for the guy’s number, which is 815-XXX-XXXX.  (CONFIRMED AS NOT DIGGER)


​7:02am - 847-XXX-XXXX

I was at Oktoberfest last Sunday in Palatine, a couple dogs about looked a little like Digger.  There is a fest Saturday in Palatine, you want to walk around there.  Also the Farmers Market on Saturday.

6:57pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Phyllis - Don’t know if this is a dog.  Looks like Digger.  On east frontage road off of Palatine road near one of the first few streets you can make a left on.  Walking with a lady, small child, and a white dog.  Arlington Heights.  I am a bus driver.  I do have my eyes open for Digger.  I don’t know if it’s him.  Can’t tell if it’s male or female.  Saw them walk off the street onto east frontage.

10:36pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Nikki - Was talking to Christy.  Meeting with her on October 1st.  Praying for Digger, had a big sensation for him in Des Plaines.  I’m up until 4am.  You can call me at any time.

6:13pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Brian - I may have seen your dog running in the Deer Grove woods.  He was running in the woods, then darted into the trees.  Was about 100 yards from him.  Saw him a half-hour ago.  No owner on the train.  Nobody close to him.  Nearest intersection was Dundee & Northwest the forest preserve over by Ela.  Could meet you.

3:22pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Annie - Live on Stark Drive in Palatine.  Was going towards Rohling Road.  Looking at a woman talking on a phone.  Thinking it was her brown dog running ahead of her.  I called Digger.  Dog belted out, crossed over Rohling again.  It went down the next street.  I called my husband to get your number.  It’s brown, and it looked thin.  I noticed it had a collar in.  It was about 3:10pm.  It was running wild, crossing the street.  


8:18pm - 847-XXX-XXXX

Two women had a dog and were putting him the back of a SUV.  It was at Petsmart in Schaumburg.  He was very excited and it was clear they were trying to secure him in the back with a leash and held their hands down as the gate was closing to ensure the dog didn't escape.  The dog looked healthy.  It was a dark Dodge Nitro.  Got the license plate #.  It was 12:44pm on Sunday.

1:46pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Sue - I looked at the pictures on Facebook.  Digger is more brown & tan...this dog was all black.  I saw this dude when I got off 53.  Sorry about your pal.  I’ll keep my eyes out.

1:34pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Sue - What kind of dog is Digger?  I know he’s black.  Is kinda a black lab?  Saw some dude on 53.  Homeless dude, with a sign and a dog.  Looked like a black lab.

10:12am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Joyce - Check out St. Peters Catholic Church - Niles Center Road in skokie.  Big circular windows, rust color.  Hire a private detective.  

11:42pm - 262-XXX-XXXX
Calling regarding Digger.  Picture looks like Digger that she found.  Posted a picture of the pet to the poster that you have on the Find Digger page...and the poster.

2:31pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Kim - Found a spot with an Orthodox Church, running path.  Emailed guy on eBay, want to look at a couple of items he’s selling to see if he can pinpoint an address.  Came across some of the items the communicator said.  847-XXX-XXXX.

3:42pm - 224-XXX-XXXX
Wannie - Twice now, seen a woman in the Lake Zurich area.  22 and near 12, parking lot near oak view pet resort across from the Jewel.  Woman walking a dog.  Dog looks very similar.  Maybe smaller than Digger though...walking with a larger blonde woman.  Dog was on a leash.  May have something to do with the Oak View Pet Resort.  Lives in Palatine, but works in Lake Zurich.

9:03pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
A-hole of the year award

This is the second time I’ve called.  Gonna be brutally honest...maybe if you really interested in finding your dog, maybe you’d answer when someone would call.  Call my cell, otherwise I’ll assume you don’t really care.

7:12pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Melissa - Resident.  Was driving around the area.  Came across a gal who was ripping down signs.  Pulled over to me back, I have some information to share with you.

6:47pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Patty - No I haven’t found Digger.  I go to Sunset Meadows Park every day.  I go to the Palatine Township park every day.  Someone said they saw Digger running down Hicks south by Northrup Grumman.  Everyone is still looking for him.  Lots of people with dogs that look like Digger.  If you just walk up to someone and get the D out, they stop and say, “No, this isn’t Digger”.

11:18am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Barb - Please call me, have chills.  Dog posted on Debbie Heath’s page looks like Digger.  Has one blue eye though.  

6:43pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Megan - Calling about a possible sighting of your dog.  Was driving Northwest Highway between Smith and Quentin.  I saw a gentleman, probably in his 40’s, black hair with a black mustache.  Walking a German Shepherd, plus another dog that looked exactly like Digger.  It did look like the pictures and the postcards.  Walking towards “Charter Hall”.  


2:35pm - 224-XXX-XXXX
Heard on the outgoing message that Digger was still missing.  Was just checking.

10:52am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Jack - I saw a dog last week in the Inverness area.  Looked kinda like him.  Same color.  Not sure.  It’s a possibility.  Tried to catch him.  He was wearing a collar.

10:23am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Joan - received a flyer.  435 Wood Street at the preserve.  Wednesday morning, I noticed a dog (I’m a dog person / fan).  saw a dog that looked very similar to him.  I just kinda noticed him.  I was heading back towards my unit towards the west.  He was heading towards the hill.  I had seen your sign.  I don’t know if you have time to hang out on Wood Street.  Struck me weird.  Looked a lot like Digger.


12:07pm - 224-XXX-XXXX
Saw a posting on Facebook through Barrington Garage Sale.  Looks like somebody found him last night and the police were called.


9:43am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Patty - Call me back regarding your lost dog

9:25am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Pam - Live in the Northview Subdivision of Palatine.  Swore she saw a gentleman walking the dog this morning.  Has the white on his chest, looks like a dead ringer.  He walks the dog from Smith Street down the bicycle path east.  Starts at Hamilton Reservoir.  Please call me.  I’ll be back at noon.  She has German Shepherds.  Sundling Junior High.  Bicycle path...for the past couple of weeks, seen this guy.  House faces Hawk - right next to Ashwood Park.  Could be a mechanic, navy blue.  Around 6:50am - 7:30am.  Some condos there.  Looks really close.  Had eye surgery...she can see.  Comes from the Hamilton Area...from the north direction, comes down the bicycle path, going east.  She walks every day.  All car repair places around there...and this guy looks like he belongs there.  Dark hair.  Goatee.  Maybe in his 30’s.    She has two black & red, long hair shepherds.  She shows dogs.  She knows dogs.   Not sure if he lives in Hamilton.  Lives from the north.  


3:44pm - 708-XXX-XXXX
Mary - At Bank of America at Greenwood & Busse, in the parking lot.  Girl walked out of the bank with a dog.  Made me look.  After a few minutes, thought it was the dog I saw on Facebook.  I’m sure you can call that bank.  It was about 1:30pm - 1:40pm.  


3:14pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
I live on Woodland, my name is Patrick.  Dog running around, I think it’s Digger.  Live on Woodland where it curves around.


7:59pm - 815-XXX-XXXX
Heather - Came across a dog that looks like Digger.

1:08pm - 224-XXX-XXXX
Cathleen - 1540 N. Broadmore Ct.  Watering my garden, saw a stray dog running through the neighborhood.  Got out in my car to take a drive to see if I could find him.  Nowhere to be found.  Looked a little like the photo in the right hand corner.  Dog looked lighter brown.  Sorry I couldn’t locate the dog, or try to coax him closer to me in my garden.  


4:26pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
I was cleaning out my purse - found your card.  My husband and I wondered if you ever found your dog.  We want to know if we should keep looking.  


5:51pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Jim - administrator at the Arlington Heights / Palatine yard sale site.  Want to help find our dog.

2:06pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Michelle - calling to find out if we found our dog Digger.  Volunteer at the Buddy Foundation - animal shelter in Arlington Heights.  

11:54am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Ilene - Lake Arlington Town
Just closing her garage running by.  All brown...medium sized, red collar.  Live between Palatine Road and Hintz, and between Shoenbeck and Windsor.  Looks very happy.


1:11pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Marsha - Wants to help.  Talked to a medium.  He’s with other dogs...Algonquin, Arlington Heights or South Elgin.

10:33am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Marianne - Really inquiring.  Live on Pleasant Hill Blvd in Palatine.  Just curious if he’s been found.

10:29am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Diane - called yesterday.  Address is 2109 Kirchoff Road.  Heard barking toward Kingfisher & Dove Street.  3 or 4 houses west of Wilke.  Time is normally around 9am or 10am.  Husband is off work this week, and will walk around.  Works for the water department.  



Linda - Met a friend of hers.  Her dog was chasing a stray dog that looks like Digger - Garden Inn Pepper Tree apartments across from forest preserve at Dundee & Hicks

11:26am - Mary 630-XXX-XXXX

Had we seen an ad in the daily Herald for a dog that was found

9:33am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Diane - received Postcard.  She has not seen Digger.  Feels awful.  Live on Kirchoff Road in Rolling Meadows.  Does Digger bark?  Behind our house is a street called near the corner, which is near Wilke Road.  Hear a dog barking quite a bit back in that area.  


7:39pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Arlene...called lost dog that she saw on Thursday morning.  On Grove going towards Dove in Rolling Meadows.   This was towards Rolling Meadows on the corner of Dove & Grove.  It was 7:30am on Thursday morning...she didn’t pay that much attention because she didn’t think we were looking around there.  Dove is just a block west of Wilke.  She’s been there several times today.  

12:25pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Saw ad for our dog, lives in Palatine, Northwest Highway closer to Wilke Road.  Neighbors found dog on south side on Des Plaines.  Should expand?  Praying…(crying at the end of the message)

12:23pm - 630-XXX-XXXX
I don’t know anything...saw article.  Checked East Park Apartments? Lots of spanish families who may not speak English.  Lots of people...west of Wilke off of Algonquin

10:22am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Marilyn - I don’t have Digger...saw article.  Animal lover...knows what we’re going through.  She’s not computer savvy.  Can we forward our facebook over to her facebook?

10:03am - 847-XXX-XXXX
I don’t have any information regarding Digger, but following.  Feel like he’s partly my dog, too.  I’m an animal lover.  I have been looking.  Live in Rolling Meadows.  Been keeping an eye out.  I have not stopped looking.  You have a lot of support.  Digger will come home.  I hope and I pray.  You’re in my thoughts & my prayers, and good things will come.  Hang in there.  Be strong.  

9:51am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Governal - live at Lake Arlington.  Tall good sized brown dog across the street.  This brown dog was sitting there, didn’t have a collar on.  Most of the dogs are on leashes.  Took off towards Lake Arlington.  Down Charter Point towards Lake Arlington.  Came in, opened my newspaper, saw this lost dog.  Wished I had seen it before.  

8:56am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Rick ...supervisor at the Palatine Post Office.  I do not have information.  Hope & pray he’ll be found.  Wants call back.

7:43am - 224-XXX-XXXX
Lutheran Home of Arlington Heights in the parking lot or in the property around here.  I saw a dog running loose across Oakton Street about 3 hours ago.  Looked a lot like Digger.  

7:30am - 224-XXX-XXXX
Maureen , employee of the Lutheran Home of Arlington Heights.  Driving in early this morning, saw a dog run across Oakton heading to the Lutheran Home parking lot.  It was a little dog, but not really little.  Looks pretty much as large.


3:50pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Josh - I found your dog.  He’s at Sunset Meadows.  He looks exactly like him.  I can’t stay here much longer, so you better come quick.  


8:43am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Debbie - I’m not sure.  I have some information about a dog.  I don’t want to mislead.  I want to talk to you about something I saw back on August 10th.  I’m going to go back to the area to see if it’s possible that it was your dog.


9:05am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Julie - Just want to let you know how sorry I am.  I’m hoping that it’s also on Facebook, and that you’ve called the police.  I’m going to try my hardest that you’ve found him.  I hope & pray you’ve found him, and that the signs are old.  

12:26am - 847-XXX-XXXX
Jim - Sorry to call so late.  Was just going north on Plum Grove Road about a block-and-a-half south of Northwest Highway.  Saw a dog about the description of your dog.  Saw the dog go under a porch on one of the houses on the west side of Plum Grove.  There are houses with higher porches, it went under there.  Didn’t see it close up, but it could have been your dog.  I saw him no more than an hour / hour-and-a-half ago.


4:47pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Barbara - Saw the picture of your dog in the paper.  I work for the Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights at Gold & AH Road.  If police see a dog, they bring it there.  I was asking some of the employees.  She asked if they had a Shepherd Beagle mix.  They had was shorter, but it’s not there any more, but it would have been adopted out.  Asked if we could find out who has it.  We think they called him Max at our place.  Owner is Jan Bierman of the Buddy Foundation, and her assistant is Carmela.  

4:06pm - 224-XXX-XXXX
McHala from A Closer Bond.  Digger was spotted on Northwest Highway heading west towards the YMCA.  Please call us back.

4:06pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Sarah from A Closer Bond.  I have reason to believe that a number of my employees have seen Digger from the area of Brandt’s.  We have a group of employees out looking for him right now.  Wanted to call you immediately.

3:37pm - 847-XXX-XXXX
Dave...I just called you on spotting a dog.  Heading east about a half-a-block north of Northwest Highway.  I was standing on the balcony.  It wasn’t a coyote.  

3:26pm - 847-XXX-XXXX

Dave...I think I just spotted your dog Digger.  Saw your article in the Herald today.  I just saw him crossing Cove just north of Northwest Highway.